1. @theonlyalanajohnston is on the show tonight but she seems to be bummed about it. #qweirdo #ucb @ucbtla 11pm

  2. Qweirdo is at 11. Grab your visors, ladies and gents. It’s at @ucbtla -coach (at Sports Authority Sherman Oaks)

  3. Not on Tindr. Will be at Qweirdo. Get tix now @ucbtla website. 11pm. (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles)

  4. Rachel Bloom and I doing our first Burbank Holiday Inn show together. (at Holiday Inn Burbank California)

  5. Sunday! Get your tickets now! It’s gonna be a great one. Maybe Robyn will stop by. Also feat. Liquid Dance Troupe, @inessacomedy and Chip Pope! #qweirdo #gay #gayshow #ucb #comedy #standup BUY TIX AT @ucbtla WEBSITE! (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles)

  6. Buy your tickets now, last shows were completely sold out. Go to @ucbla website now! #erinfoley #guybranum #alanajohnston #chippope #liquidfeet #more
    (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)

  7. Holy smokes. Buy your tickets. Let’s get Qweird at UCB. Buy online now. (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - Los Angeles)

  8. Two mics Mo at #themoshow this weekend. #dressedtoimpress (at NerdMelt)

  9. The Mo Show is tonight at 7pm. Buy tix online at nerdmeltla.com. Oh you just gotta come. (at NerdMelt)

  10. Buy your tickets at nerdmeltla.com. Let’s pack the place. You coming? @nerdmelt at 7pm on Saturday. (at NerdMelt)